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Anyone who is an everyday CCW has run into problems at some time with holster belts. Being an OWB user and firearms instructor I’ve used various HD belts made to carry Holsters. Some are serious Tactical belts that are so stiff they actually can hurt while driving. Others appear strong but seem to go limp especially when using restroom facilities. Another concern is when dressed a bit more with a sports jacket, etc a nicer finished belt that doesn’t scream gun belt is preferred. If this sounds like you then RGB has a gun belt for you. The gun belts are top quality: the finish is smooth and supple but has the internal rigidity to give proper holster support whether it be compact or full size while maintaining comfort and style. Two thumbs up  for RGB.

Chuck Saylor

NRA Instructor

If any of you regularly carry a firearm while not in uniform you, know 

that it can really suck to find a good durable CCW gun belt that doesn’t twist or sag. Recently, I located a belt that is probably the best concealed carry belt that I have ever seen and/or worn. The belt comes from a local source and I just want to pass this information on to everyone. I am not or will not receive any kickback from this product, but thought it would be nice to share the information.

If you don't have this concealed carry gun don't have a better or more comfortable one. Promise! I had to spend mass money trying to find the right belt...this is the only one to have. R.G.B. (Ratchet Gun Belt)! Top of the line leather, with what they call 'liquid steel", which is a poly plastic insert for rigidity, yet flexibility and comfort. One size fits all...just cut down to your appropriate size. I want to spread the word about this amazing belt so my fellow gun owners can enjoy one just as much as I do. RGB is the best CCW belt and it's worth an investment!

The Ratchet Gun Belt, also known as R.G.B., is a revolutionary way to remain comfortable while carrying your firearm and accessories. With the handcrafted methods and the best heavy duty materials used in the RGB leather gun belts, it allows an individual to remain comfortable no matter whether you are standing or sitting for an extended period of time, I'm very pleased with this belt, very suitable for CCW. The Ratchet Gun Belt is the gun belt to make it more pleasant. With the Limited Lifetime Guarantee, it will be the last gun belt you will ever need.

I will start by saying that I work in a gun shop and I carry daily in the waist and outside the waist. I have multiple guns and multiple holsters. My previous gun belt was very thick and durable, However, as with all gun belts, the fluctuation between inside and outside carry stretches the holes and creates cracks in the leather from pulling it tightly to fit and hold the weight of the gun. This Ratcheting Gun Belt eliminates all of that. Also, rather than 1inch increments of adjustment on a standard belt, the Ratchet Gun Belt has like 1/4 inch ratcheting clicks for a more comfortable adjustment. I have had my Ratchet Gun Belt for a little over a month and it works great as a dress gun belt, with jeans and casual wear, along with dressed up attire. So I have literally gone from 2 belts to 1. The only issue I have is wanting other models they carry and selections of buckles. But not needing multiple belts like I mentioned above I can't make up my mind. The price is even fair considering the durability and quality of this CCW gun belt. FYI, I do not work for this company, I just pass on good products I believe in "Tried And Trusted" to my fellow gun owners and carriers.

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